Friday, September 28, 2012

Ever After Resale Event


Yay!  I've had some more parents agree to let me post their kids' pictures!  I'll be adding them to the bottom of this post as they are finished.  Slowly and surely, I'll get them all to the awaiting parents.  Now I'm off to wrapping up a couple family galleries, trying to catch up from the two week loss of a computer!

Check out the latest additions below...

Today I had a taste of what it would be like to have a walk-in photo studio.  I absolutely loved every minute of it!  At the Ever After Resale Event in Beaverton, 40 children sat in front of the camera for 5 min sessions.  The shots were free and none of the parents were under obligation to allow me to use images of their kids, but I simply could not keep from sharing this cutie with you all.  She was the last child to be photographed for the day and she simple melted my heart.  There were even moments I forgot I was a photographer in my business of oohing and awing at her sweet face.  Her mom gave me permission to share these images with you!  Isn't she adorable?!

I may be able to twist some more parents arms for more images as I work on them.  Every session had something precious to share!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Changes Are Coming To Crystal Pettit Photography

A couple years ago I was having dinner with some friends and the topic of photography came up.  I was asked what would my dream for photography was?  It was a good question and one that I find helping to shape my journey even now.  The enjoyment I get from working with families has grown more and more, but I still have felt my heart torn because being a family photographer has not been the truest passion in my life. 

As early as sixth grade in elementary school, I can remember feeling called to somehow ministering to orphans and foster children.  It amazes me now because that was years before the Lord would wake me up to who He is and also produce in me a desire to know and serve Him with my life.  I love reflecting on the fact that each person is unique and designed to express, with different gifts and talents, the heart of God.

Even though it may be hard to believe, up until this year it never had occurred to me that I have been given a particular gift as an artist.  All through my life, art has been something I have enjoyed investing myself in.  The process of creating something is invigorating, and in the quietness of my mind I find the ability to sort through thoughts as I work.  This may be something that only an artist can understand, but the act of creating has always been more valuable to me than the outcome of the time and energy invested in my work.

Things change when your art becomes not only a piece of personal work but also a job intended to please others. In all my life, I never had the intention of becoming a professional artist.  Even now as I speak of it, that only is part of the way I hope to be able to add to my work as a photographer.  It's going to be another new adventure full of discoveries as I begin to spend more time drawing and looking for ways to be more involved in the community through, both, photography and showing artwork.  More than that, I want to take all that I do back to my greater passion of knowing and serving the Lord with all that I am, as one who ministers to those in need.

How, as one who promotes their own work, can a person do this though?  That is a question I have struggled with these past two years.  What is changing for me is that I am beginning to see my artistry and developing skill as a photographer as a gift from the Lord.  If I were to reject that gift, I would be denying His plan in designing me as He has.  I want to take hold of his purposes for me and allow this time to prepare me for the work He has set before me.  I want to be used for His sake and bring honor to Him with my life.

This takes me back to the question I was asked about what would be my ideal job with photography.  It is in my heart to tell stories and support those who are pouring out their lives in direct service to the lonely and hurting. If my dreams were fulfilled in photography that would include a life of traveling, documenting, encouraging those in ministry, and bringing awareness to the needs from every corner of the Earth.  If those dreams were ever fulfilled, my heart would be blessed beyond measure.

In the meantime, I have my own family to minister to, my own children to love, cherish, protect, and serve.  It is not time for me to be a world traveller.  Until it is, my place is here in Oregon with them.  If I never have opportunity to explore the ends of the Earth, and instead only pour my life out in this place, I would still count it a joy and a privilege to be a part of the work taking place in the members of my family, in my neighbors, and in my community.

In order to do what I can to support those serving around the world, Crystal Pettit Photography has begun to partner with various ministries.  I am working on getting a "Ministries We Support" page up, and have also begun investing in my photography business more to establish myself in the community.  Even though I may never leave, I can still be a voice for those who have, and also extend myself in service to the community.

I will continue to be a child and family photographer.  For as much as you allow me the opportunity to serve your families, you will also be supporting me in my efforts to sharpen my skills and serve others.  I am thankful for all the opportunities I have been given and I'm excited for more.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Blessings to all,

Friday, September 7, 2012

Adorned in Grace Bridal Shop

Adorned in Grace Bridal & Formalwear features donated new and used wedding gowns, formal dresses, veils, shoes, petticoats and accessories. All proceeds are used to bring awareness, prevention, and safe shelter to the problem of sex trafficking.

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Store location:
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Tuesdays - Fridays from 1-5 PM
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