Saturday, March 12, 2011

Newborn Tristan and Family

If you had to guess the meaning of the peaceful slumberer's name just by looking at him, I bet you couldn't do it!  In fact, I think this precious newborn is the perfect cure to all that his name means.  Just a few minutes cuddling him could fix any one's problems.  Babies have that affect on people!  Picking Tristan up quickly brought me back to the memory of when my children were so small.  His older brother, Jackson, had no trouble warming up to me. Upon my walking into the door, he was ready to take my jacket off for me and eager to play.  Such a sweet heart!  Mom, Dad, treasure this time now.  Like you said, it doesn't last long!  

So, who's curious about the meaning of Tristan???
1. a loud confused noise, as of a crowd; commotion.  2. violent agitation or disturbance.  3. great emotional or mental agitation
Fortunately, this little one is not even close to living up to his namesake! :)