Monday, January 31, 2011

Spring Mini Session Special!!!

Kinley & Elyse Previews

What better way to break in the new lens than with the very first family I worked with last year.  These girls couldn't get any cuter, either!  Stay tuned... later today I will be announcing the first date for a new Mini Session Promotion!



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Update

Wow, last year sure was a lot of fun, wasn't it!?  When my husband proposed the idea of having me slowly start up a photography studio, it didn't take me too long to agree.  I don't know the exact number, but there was close to 34 sessions last year, just in a short 4 months time period.  I wouldn't exactly call that a "slow" start-up.  For some photographers, I know that is nothing.  But for this one, it was a crazy whirlwind of an adventure!

I'm thankful to everyone who shared my "pilot" year with me.  I enjoyed meeting all my new clients, getting to know friends better, exploring new locations, and all the lessons learned!  I am also looking forward to being able to try out some new equipment this year that will provide for even better quality images!  As excited as I am to continue taking your pictures, we have also decided to cut back on the number of session to take on every month.  Our main reason for this is that we only started up the studio as an idea to help pay the bills if needed.  My husband had been unemployed for two years.  Exploring alternate work options was a definite must.  However, we are extremely blessed that the Lord has provided, again, a steady job for my husband. 

This allows me more time to spend doing what I believe I am most called to, managing the home and investing in our children.  For those of you with children, you understand that parenting is not just a full time job.  It's a 24/7/52 job with no vacation/sick/personal days (and did I mention no paycheck?;).  I say that with no complaint.  I rather enjoy my job (See, I'm smiling :)  In fact, the more time I spend doing it, the more I love it.  The reverse is true, too.  The less time I spend doing it, the less I enjoy it.  This is simply because a person can only enjoy what they practice enjoying.  As a mother, I need a lot of practice!  It's easy to find other things to replace time managing the home and children.  It's easy to like those things, too, I might add! 

Photography is something I enjoy a lot.  Someday I just might travel the world documenting world issues through photography and writing.  That would be a very fitting past time for me :) But until the day comes when I can (at least) leave my door without questioning whether I've packed enough diapers, I'll be happy making a home for my four little ones (and husband, I might add!:).  As a mother, absolutely no one can do my job as well as I can. There are many other photographers investing their life into their work and perfecting their craft, but there is not a single other Mom to Cayltin and Maddison and Sheldon and Asha.  And there are none like my children.  They have been made for something great.  I hope to be able to equip them and encourage them until they discover it for themselves.

So it is without regret that I will only be offering 1-2 sessions a month.  I still do love photography and wish to continue "practicing enjoying" that as well.  If you have been waiting for a schedule of availability to go up, there won't be one.  Instead, please email me with the month and type of session you are interested in.  I will work with you to schedule the closest availability.  Also, keep your eye open for when I announce two special dates for a new session option.  If you have a promotional business card from last year that you were hoping to redeem, they will be valid only on those two dates.  Pricing has changed slightly, and because there is limited space in my schedule, a $50 reservation fee will be due within 3 days of scheduling.  This fee will be applied to the remainder of the session fee which is due on or before the scheduled shoot date.

I'm really looking forward to this year and all it has in store!

Crystal :)