Thursday, May 28, 2015

Family Portrait Pictures ~ Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, Portland Oregon

Talk about a picture perfect setting for family photos.  I've had other clients inquire about shooting pictures at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens in Portland, but I had been misinformed about their photo policies.  Fortunately, this family did a second inquiry for me and we found out that the gardens are available to the public, without the usual Portland Parks fee, if the photo session takes place before 10 am.  That is great news for me!  As you can tell from these gorgeous pictures, the lighting and outdoor setting is an ideal locations for family portraits.  So... who's next!?  My summer schedule will be going up soon.  Be sure to email me at with your inquires!

Brush and Ink Drawing ~ Portland Artist, Crystal Pettit

So life for me isn't just about taking pictures for other families.  Occasionally, on the side of work (and the rest of life) I find a little time to develop my other skills as an artist.  This project below felt like it took me a lifetime, but really it *only* took 2 1/2 years to complete... only! ;)

I have always been a little scared to attempt working in ink, but I was encouraged to get over my fear during a drawing class I took a couple years ago.  There, the class was required to use brush and ink to duplicate Van Gogh's pre-painting sketch of his Starry Night work.  It was during this study that I fell in love with the brush and ink technique.  I have completed a few other works in this same style, but the one below is definitely the most detailed and personally valuable one to date.

The picture is one that I took five years ago of my daughter on the bank of a stream at Westmoreland Park in Portland, Oregon.  Another one of my children was pictured in the image of the original, but my goal for this drawing is to use it to illustrate a story that I started around the same time the picture was taken.  I haven't worked on the story in a long time, but after finally finishing this drawing I have a rekindled desire to.

I hope to write more soon, but for the time being, prints of this drawing and my other drawings are available for purchase.  8X10s are $20 and other sizes are available.  Please email me at for more details on ordering a print.  Below you can find my other works, as well.

Thanks for looking!

Family Pictures ~ A Home Studio, Gresham Oregon

If there was a "fun limit" for family photo sessions, this one would have far exceeded it!  First of all, this was the first family photo session for this family since their adopted son has finally come home to join them in his forever family!  Secondly, this family had the cutest pregnancy reveal idea where the below pictures were printed and passed out during an extended family dinner.  Surprise!  And lastly, this group of kids always give me some great candid shots at the end of the photo session.  Come take a look below if you don't believe me!

Oh, and these pictures were taken inside the Gresham home of the family pictured.  The weather wasn't the greatest on this day, so I just brought along my backdrop stand, a backdrop, a floor, and made use of some natural light coming in from a large sliding glass door.  Sometimes it is easier to just work with what you have than to reschedule for a day you hope will be nice and that all the kids will be well!  

Senior Portrait Session ~ Portland, Oregon

It was a perfect day for a cruise in a classic car AND a perfect day for a Senior Portrait photo session in Portland, Oregon!  I don't do many graduate sessions, but one fun thing about them is that a portion of each session helps raise support for the Open Arms Ukraine Ministry to orphans in Ukraine.  Click on the link to check out what they do.  Once you have taken a look, you can help me spread the word to your friends who might be looking for a unique way to get their senior portraits done AND help support a great cause!  I would love to do more Senior Portrait Sessions and explore some urban settings, as well!

Mother and Daughter Pictures ~ Rood Bridge Park, Hillsboro

Tricky, tricky winter sun!  It was a beautiful winter day at Rood Bridge Park in Hillsboro, but even with the sun out, it was freezing the morning these pictures were taken!  Fortunately, all we needed was a few minutes to capture the beautiful relationship between this mother and daughter.  These photos were definitely worth it!  So sweet...

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kids' Christmas Photos ~ S.W. Portland Home Studio

It makes me chuckle that it is nearly summer and I am just now getting my own Christmas greeting up on the blog!  This photo session was a ton of fun to plan.  My kids helped pick out their own wrapping paper and each chose a hat to wear.  I talked them through what the vision was for the shoot and we spent about five minutes in the studio snapping a few photos.  This was the best shot of all four of them together.  I'm pretty happy how it turned out... and I'm glad that I am almost finished blogging photo sessions from 2014!

Christmas Kids Photos ~ S.W. Portland Home Studio

It was a super short Christmas photo session but we had just enough time to capture some of these kids' holiday twinkle!  They are pretty adorable in these pictures, if I do say so myself!

Family Pictures ~ Christmas Tee Lot Boring, Oregon

There are too many fun things to blog about for this family photo session.  The first thing?  Well, we got to shoot on Christmas tree lot near Boring, Oregon.  If that isn't a great enough idea for capturing some great family memories, this particular tree lot had a toy shack for clients to choose a toy from!  How exciting is that?!  Another fun surprise was that Grandma and Grandpa showed up and were able to jump into a few pictures, too!  I'm sure glad the wet weather decided to hold off and I was able to meet up with the beautiful family again!

Family Christmas Photos ~ S.W. Portland Studio

It is so much fun watching families grow over the years.  I've been taking pictures for this family since before their oldest child was born.  Even though my studio space has shrunk considerably since their last session, we still had room enough to create a super cute Christmas set up for the kids to play in.  I still have the props waiting for holiday pictures this year!