Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lake Oswego Wedding Portraits

It has been a busy summer.  Even with my modest photo schedule I have somehow fallen behind on blogging.  In part, that has to do with how quickly I like to get my clients images to them.  In most cases these days I have been able to get each gallery up the same day of the session and CD's out within a week.  I simply forget to blog once the job is done!

Here is a little sample of Wedding Portraits I was able to do at the temple in Lake Oswego a couple weeks ago.  The light was perfect and the weather was gorgeous.  It made taking the photos and completing the gallery a simple process.  The Bride and Groom had another ceremony to prepare for the following day so we made the session short and sweet.  While I do love taking family photos, taking these shots at this location was a nice change for me!

Best Wishes to the Bride and Groom!

BEEautiful Baby Girl! (and family;)

Nothing quite warms my heart like seeing old friends with their new babies!  I had the opportunity to snap a few quick maternity photos for this family at a park last year.  This year we met up at a local university in S.E. Portland.  It was super exciting for me to get to be able to meet Baby Girl.  She wasn't too excited about me though!  She just wanted to explore the environment.  She pretty much dominated the picnic basket and showed us how she can stand all by herself even at just 9 months old!  Towards the end of the session, the bees decided we had imposed on their territory for too long.  Before we could figure out if we had any allergies to them, we decided to pack up and take just a couple more shots on our way back to the car.  All in all, everything turned out great.  Good job Mom and Dad, you are going to be on your toes for the next couple years with your curious Baby Girl!

Feel the Love

This was my second year photographing this family outdoors.  It is such a treat to have repeat clients.  One of my favorite things is seeing how families have grown over the year.  Last year, Little Sister was pretty intimidated by my mad peek-a-boo skills.  I think she might be warming up to me this year!  It was so much fun looking through the images for this session.  Can you feel all the love?  This family is definitely connected to one another and it shows!  

Fun on a Farm

I had such a great time meeting up with new family.  Their selected location was at a private residence--a farm in Hillsboro, OR!  What a great location for family photos, too!  There were a lot of fun spots to select from, and even a little pony who was determined to make me his/her best friend.  The sweet thing kept nudging me while I was shooting away and wouldn't stop until I took the time to pet it.  The barn added a rustic look and served as some good entertainment to keep the kids happy during the session.  We even took some time to enjoy the little caterpillar like creatures (I forgot what they were called) on the foliage.  Overall, it was an interesting change in environment for shooting outdoors.  Summer has just flown by!