Thursday, June 12, 2014

Newborn A

My blog has been so neglected since moving my clients over to
I am going to try to do a better job at keeping this site updated!

This is my third year being able to do photos for this family.  I first met them on an extended Family Session with an old classmate of mine.  That was back when their first little one was still inside his mama's tummy!  While I am very sad to miss doing an extended family session with the rest of the members this year, it is so much fun meeting up with this little (and growing) part of the family each year, and this time there was a good excuse for some frilly pink and purple!

During this session I also tried using a sling for the first time.  I wasn't sure how we would do, but we took proper precautions and gave it a shot.  I've included a simple how to demonstration below.  It's always important to keep the baby's safety as a top priority.  With that said, the final product definitely melts my heart!

Alright, here is my little insider secret for the sling shot. The two ends of the hammock were tied securely to two kitchen chairs, with their backs opposite each other. A full beanbag was placed directly below the sling for some slight support and in case the little one squirmed out.  And she WAS a squirmy one and did almost roll out once!  I cannot stress this enough, do not attempt this without taking proper safety measures!

As you can tell from the how-to shots, the baby was just barely lifted and somew
hat touching the beanbag below.  Dad was right next to her the whole time. She was a squiggly one so it worked best to wait until she was fast asleep to attempt the shot. The background was touched up post-processing to give it that hanging in the air look.

And here is one more shot of the sling.  Aw, so precious!!!