Monday, July 29, 2013

Sibling and Cousin Fun

What a fun family!  I have had the privilege of watching two of these little ones for the last year as their hard working mother has attended classes for school.  Her children are the sweetest and my own kids have loved having them play at our house!  This will be one of the last times their extended family will be able to get together for awhile.  Some of them moved away this weekend.  It was such a delight to capture their love and personalities as a group before the move.  Come check out the rest of their gallery by clicking on the image below.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pretty Girl

Newborn "K" is now 6 months old!  Where did the time go?!  This session was exciting for more than one reason.  The first is that it was my first "outdoor studio session".  We actually shot in the backyard of my client's house!  Yay for summer time in Portland!  The second reason this session was so exciting is that I had a lot of little helpers, and one determined photographer in training... she was too cute!  And the last reason is that my client is actually one of my best friends, who lives way on the other side of town!  We had some time to hang out afterwards which made my long hours and hard labor totally worth the drive!  Oh, the life of a photographer! ;)

Who doesn't like a little sarcastic, melodrama every now and again?!  I love my job. :)

But on to the cuteness!!! Click on the image below to view the whole gallery!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Out and About with Little Sprout

I first met this mama-to-be four years ago.  My family was renting out a room in our apartment for a couple months and she was looking for a temporary place to stay, transitioning from Colorado to Oregon.  The timing worked out perfectly.  Fast forward a few years and since then, we have both moved.  My family to a house in a neighboring city, and she now lives in Kansas!  Well, thanks to the workings of facebook, I noticed she was looking for a photographer during the same time my family would be passing through Kansas from Colorado to Oklahoma.  Again, it worked out perfectly for us to meet up, this time for a quick visit and an even quicker maternity shoot.  We snapped a few shots indoors and then headed out to a park, only to be greeted by a a quite welcoming rain cloud and heavy down pour!  We had to cut the session short but we managed to squeeze in a few good ones!

Click on the image below to come see the full gallery.

Monday, July 8, 2013

High School Sweethearts Plus One

It seems just like yesterday that I was taking pictures of this (then-expecting) couple.  What a pleasure it was to meet up with them recently for their child's first birthday!  I can't believe how fast that time flew by.  A few things about this session... 1. The little one took his sweet time warming up to me, but his parents were amazing at getting him to smile (for two seconds at a time:).  2. I finally found a good East Portland location, yay! :)  3. Sometimes puppies mistake your clicking and high pitch "baby noises" as a welcome to lick your face when you are mid-session, elbows-propped-up, tummy-on-the-ground.  Thank you, law-not-abiding citizen for the-tongue-in-mouth doggy love... at least your furry friend got my client to look!

So which picture was it?  Come try to find out!